Bring the beautiful and elegant look of flowers into your spaces with our simple and stunning decors. Whether it's a small occasion/ casual floral  decor or a first night/ anniversary decor, these floral decorating ideas will add to your room's budding style.
Framed fresh flowers arranged on the headboards of your bed or gates are always a go-to option, but you can also think outside the frame and display an enormous wall decal instead of your own design. 

Weddings are celebrated in a very flamboyant manner in India and we all love it. Right from the mandap decoration to the entrance everything is made beautiful in order to celebrate the couple’s biggest day. The travel part of the wedding is very important because it is in the wedding car that the bride or groom enter the wedding event area and also leave. The wedding car has to look royal enough to make the couple feel special on that day. We at offer various wedding car decorations for any budget, browse through all the varieties and choose your favorite one with ease. Contact us to avail exciting offers now.
The exchange of garlands signifies the marriage and the beginning of a new fresh life together. Not every couple consider paying attention to details, but we think differently. this is the most memorable moment of your weeding and you would want look back at it and cherish. So here we provide you with some tips and ideas for varmalas.
1. Keep the season in mind
2. Ravishing roses
3. Coordinate the color with your wedding apparels
     Colors would depend on the flower you choose to go with. We would suggest choosing a contrasting color to that of your wedding outfit so that the colors don’t merge.
4. Choose colors that complement your wedding decor
5. Decide according to your community
6. Know your flowers
     Pink rose– happiness
     Red rose– love
     Orange rose– passion
     Marigold– prosperity
     Arabian Jasmine (mogra) – blessing and piety
     Orchids– love, magnificence and beauty